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How to make a good first impression

Shaun Varga, chairman and creative director at consultancy Ingenuity, discusses the importance of making a good first impression.

Varga points out that you can make a bad impression with a potential client without even knowing it

It’s statistically likely that your agency has been excluded from a pitch process or short list, without realising you were on it in the first place. This is how it happens.

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Getting a foot in the door

Purity’s Rob Quinn reveals what he looks for in graduates and apprentices, and what opportunities are available for those keen to make their mark in event and experiential marketing.

With new blood traditionally flowing into the event industry over the autumn as graduates and apprentices jostle to start their careers, what is it that agencies are thinking? Do they want graduates with event degrees, apprentices to mould, technology geeks or is it the case that only those ‘with experience’ should apply?

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